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So, you are a Db Administrator looking for a really efficient way to back up and restore your carefully nurtured Access database applications?  Great!, you need look no further!  ADOXCoder will back up your MS Access databases by reading its structure, tables and views and recreating them in Visual Basic Code. Simply run the code and your database will be replicated exactly. Export your data, create Data Dictionaries and much more . .


Are you spending too much time finding files, duplicate files, managing extensions on local and networked drives?  Budget of a Celt? LocateSoft will help with all these issues and much more . .


Web developer? Application Engineer? What you need is a freeware application to design your colours, or pick from over 40 Web Safe pre-installed designs. Thought so!  Help yourself to our FREE package to do just that. 


IconSoft is a simple to use application that helps you to create Windows™Icons. You can design them, pixel by pixel, from scratch or grab a section of an image or photo you have and start from there. The choice is yours. You can also create all sorts of exciting effects

Data File Engineer

If you work with very large data files, Data File Engineer DFE) is a must have utility!  This application can split very large files down to a chosen file size ready for FTP'ing or copying across busy server routes.  Once at their destination, DFE will stitch them together perfectly...

XLent Toolbar

We wanted to create a toolbar for Microsoft Excel, that would add some of the often requested features to an already content rich spreadsheet application. So we did just that!

Business Intelligence Tools


Documentation is as much a part of a professional BI installation as ensuring our customers data is reported correctly.  You want to know that all the extensive work done in completing your installation is available for such processes as audit and migration, to name but two.  Here we will show you just how this suite of tools achieves this and which of those tools are best suited to your business, whether you are an SME or large Enterprise.  Show me.


With many Cognos cubes created for our customers, we also wanted to help them with the documentation of the solutions too!  From data sources and their SQL to measures and their calculations, this tool does the lot! And for those of you who like manual documentation as much as we don't, it is a god send!


More documentation!  Well, done by our tool, anyway.  PROPHETReport® is a full featured Cognos Impromptu Report Analyser.  This great piece of software will fully document everything there is to know about that Impromptu report!


PROPHETList® is a Directory/Drive annotator which monitors and stores selected Cognos Objects.  Determine report versions for upgrading, watch Catalog's for changes and back them up.  Transformer Models monitored for changes and reinstated where necessary to their original state.  So are Impromptu reports.  How powerful a product do you need?


Cognos Catalog backup Engine?  Hard to find?  Not any more!  This incredible piece of software will monitor all changes made to a Catalog, save the User changes and make a backup of the original!  The Catalog becomes unusable, IT want a day to restore from a backup tape and you need that Catalog now, don't you?  We know you do, we are BI Consultants!  PROPHETTable® is there to get you back up and running without taking time from IT's function of fixing your servers!


An issue which crosses their path regularly within The Business Prophets™, is that of automating cube builds and running reports autonomously.  We see cube builders from time to time - one error and the business suffers, you know how it is!  We have seen Report Runners too - one prompt and they are history!  With advanced technology designed in-house, these issues are consigned to the BIN folder.  PROPHETWarnings® is the answer to many BI developer and consultant issues.


An application designed for the larger SME and Enterprise - our full suite of tools, as described above.  With full support and individual pricing, this package represents real value for money given the advanced technology and money savings that will be made from this brilliant suite of tools.


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