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Our Core Business Prophets™ team have a vast range of experience of Market and Business Intelligence tools and techniques.

Market Intelligence

From the gathering and dissemination of Competitor data to End User reporting, The Business Prophets™ are able to provide companies of all sizes with knowledge that adds competitive advantage in increasingly narrowing market places. By empowering you with these tools and techniques, we will place you at the pinnacle of your market place.

Business Intelligence

Want to know which segment of your market place is making the best margins? Which sales territory is outperforming the rest? Which of your customers are unhappy?  And above all, you want to know WHY? 

We currently highly recommend bios4 Limited, experienced Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) professionals. bios4 intend to capitalise on the “expensive, short term, fail to deliver” reputation of their peers by delivering “value for money, high quality” consulting & services – forging meaningful business relationships based on the principals of honesty and openness.

While other BI service providers “talk the talk”, bios4 are more interested in proving that “walk the walk” is a more effective, stable and reliable way forward. bios4 stand out from the crowd because of what they do and how they do it, not because of what they say, or how they say it!

bios4 get the job done! Better, faster, cheaper!

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Our Technology and Software Division have designed several tools based around the Cognos BI platform.  For further information, please go to our Software area.

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Knowledge is power and The Business Prophets have the knowledge to increase your market power.

As such Consultancy services are both strictly confidential and tailored to each companies needs, please contact The Business Prophets, a Division of Haresoftware, for further information on this subject.

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